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Submitting Photos, Cartoons, and other Artifacts
Anyone from the class of 1982, or anyone who has photos of people or events from Northwestern during 1978..1982, is welcome to submit materials electronically for posting on this site. reserves the right to edit or politely reject any submissions that we feel are not suitable for this site.

Please contact us for the e-mail address or (if you have a lot of files) FTP server to use to send us your materials.

File Sizes
At, we are preserving items for posterity, so bigger is better. We like high-resolution scans, and do not mind in the least if your files are 1, 5, or even 20+ megabytes, each!

Scanning Photos
You will obtain the best results by scanning at 300dpi and 24-bit color, placing the photo directly on the scanner glass. If the photo is in a photo album with a plastic protective sheet over the photo, the picture will be clearer if you temporarily remove the protective sheet during the scan.

Scanning the Daily Northwestern
The photos in the Daily (and the Syllabus) are half-tones, so you will want to scan at 300 dpi and 8-bit black-and-white, with "de-screening" turned on.

Scanning Line Art
If you have original line art (like Banderooge), you will want to scan at 720 dpi, 1-bit color (i.e., black & white).

Scanner Recommendations
The freshman facebook and Syllabus were scanned on an Epson Perfection 2450 Photo Scanner (specifications [pdf]) acquired in early 2002. It supports 2400x4800 DPI hardware resolution, 48-bit color, USB, and scans documents as well as slides, negatives, and film strips very quickly.

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